A Compendium of Enigmatic Species

The cover of A Compendium of Enigmatic Species.

New Release: A Compendium of Enigmatic Species

The ad for A Compendium of Enigmatic Species.

The call has gone out, the stories have been selected, and now, we are thrilled to share this collection of original fantasy stories, poems, and art with you! The launch date is set for February 9th, and we’ll be announcing the launch here as well as through the blog, Facebook page, and Instagram.

You can order the anthology through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ section below or send a message via our contact page. Feel free to check out our other work via this page and the website of author and scientist Mary Thaler, who has partnered with us for this project!

Table of Contents for A Compendium of Enigmatic Species.


Q. What language are the stories in?
A. All stories in the Compendium are in English.

Q. Are the stories all stand-alone works?
A. Any stories that are connected to the author’s larger body of work will be noted. Information on how to find related works will be in the authors’ bios if this is the case.

Q. What is the rating for this anthology?
A. While there’s no exact rating, at least one story involves elements of body horror. A warning has been included for this story. Otherwise, there is no explicit sex or violence. Several stories involve horror elements. Some strong language is present as well.

Q. As a $20 contributor via the Indiegogo campaign, when can I expect the recorded audio version of my story of choice?
A. Recordings will become available no later than a month after they are requested, and will be available via our YouTube channel.

Q. The campaign is closed, but I want to request one of the perks. Is this possible?
A. Most perks were solely available as part of the campaign, but we are happy to record an audio version of the story of your choice for the fee mentioned in the campaign ($20). If we reopen the campaign at a future date, we will post details here and on our social media pages. As well, you can check out Mary’s website or the Find Our Work and Gallery pages to learn more about our other work.

Q. What formats are you using to publish this anthology?
A. The anthology will be available as an ePub as well as a PDF (available on request).

Q. Will the ebook be mobile compatible?
A. We’re working to make it compatible with most phones and tablets.

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