Erin Scothorn

Erin is a freelance writer, editor, and lapsed student of obscure languages. She never thought she would be a voice actor but has nevertheless enjoyed the life-changing opportunity to be cast as several Chickens, the Kraken, and a very tiny Dragon for Corentin in Quarantine. Her short stories and prose poetry have been published by the Ottawa Public Library and Trinity Magazine. She is currently working on several novels, a graphic novel series, a collection of illustrated short stories, and whatever Karin dreams up next.

Karin Murray-Bergquist

Karin Murray-Bergquist is an actor, writer, and scholar currently working on a PhD in folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has contributed articles to various publications, on topics ranging from subarctic lichens to medieval ghosts, and her fiction and poetry have appeared in Metapsychosis, Augur, and Queer Sci-Fi. She is the writer and host of the podcast The Deeps, in which each episode explores the history, folklore, and science of the ocean. She is a watercolour and stained glass artist, and enjoys playing the mandolin and violin. Find her stained glass, botanical watercolours, and Landscapes That Look A Bit Like Pride Flags, on Instagram!

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